Do you remember going to your grandparents’ house for the holidays when you were just a child? Remember baking cookies with grandma or going fishing with great-uncle Bob?

Years ago it was the norm to get together with relatives and do things together. Families were closer together, not only physically, but emotionally. But most of that changed within the last 50 years. Circumstances have led us to move away from our hometowns and our families. And we’re not just moving 50 miles away. We’re moving thousands of miles away, across country, and even to other countries. For most of us we no longer have the option of getting together with loved ones every weekend, every few months, or even once a year.

So how do we stay in touch? You know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind.” How can you change that to, “I’m just a phone call away,” or “I was just thinking of you?


We need to get new traditions going for our families and friends. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of a family bar-b-que without actually being there? Would you like to show the neighborhood your special tribute on Memorial Day? Would you like to have piece of history swaying in your back yard? How would your parents react to having a part of their family together for the holidays?

Now I know that there are thousands of traditions that you may have already started. Maybe you’ve updated your family doings once a week on Facebook; maybe your family serves Thanksgiving meals to the homeless at the nearest shelter every year; maybe you sponsor karaoke night on the 3rd Thursday of the month. What if your granddaughter had the first male child in 3 generations?

What if you could share this with your family and friends right now, and in a way that they could cherish that moment for years to come?

Let’s look at a few different scenarios outside of the family unit:
  • What if you have an employee of the month, and you want to share the news with your community, instead of just your staff?
  • What if your company has been the recipient of the prestigious BBB Award?
  • What if you just made a sale to your millionth customer?

Aren’t these things that you would like to not only share with your co-workers and family, but with your community, present clients and future clients?

Having a legacy means that people will remember you for eternity (at least we hope so!)

But keep in mind that when you do consider starting a new tradition, or something to share your legacy, ask yourself the following questions:
  • What purpose will it provide?
  • What do I hope others will get out of it?

The answers to these questions will guarantee that you develop meaningful traditions, thus solidifying your legacy. And what better way to establish that than through Love Flags?

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